When you got hitched, there was probably a little bit of stress preparing for a day that is supposed to be “all about you” until your wedding quickly becomes “all about everyone else.”

Some people can navigate this delicate balance very easily. Many families understand, and remember, what it was like when they got married and simply say “Don’t sweat it…whatever happens will be just fine.”

And still, many brides do, in fact, sweat it as they fumble through etiquette and family dynamics and all the spoken and unspoken expectations for the big day.

Then, two or three or four decades pass and something amazing happens. You realize that yes, indeed, whatever happens will be just fine. And when you start to plan your destination wedding to renew your vows, the spirit of that planning takes on a whole new level of excitement and the stress from yesterday is simply washed away.

Your biggest “stress” may be in choosing from one of many ideal spots to renew your vows. Here’s a list suggested by our readers:

Alberta, Canada


Snowflakes and faux-fur collared wedding dress designs in a rustic lodge or charming mountain castle with a warm inviting fire and the soft flicker of candle light. Heading to Canada and Banff National Park gives you lots of beautiful choices to cuddle up and say “I Do” all over again

Calvia, Spain

Step back in time, and step into romance at Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Portals. This seaside church opens up to a brilliant blue sky and sweeping views of the Mediterranean. A simple ceremony is all that’s needed to celebrate a lifetime of memories as you exchange vows and promises (again) to your best friend.

Arenal, Costa Rica

There is a reason people flock to this diverse country year after year. For married couples renewing their wedding vows, what is more appropriate than saying “I still do” at the foot of a volcano or near the rush of one of the country’s many waterfalls. Many couple will appreciate the heat of passion (like the volcano) and the ebb and flow of the waterfalls and rivers (like the give and take in your marriage) as they reflect on their journey together through the natural cycles of building a life together.

New Zealand

Just as nature is timeless and always changing, so are two people that shared a promise decades earlier. New Zealand is a land built for adventure…just like love! So after tying the knot (again) why not take a dip in a geothermal spa or fly above a breathtaking vista in a hot area balloon. The sky really is the limit!


Any beach destination will do, but a trip to the Caribbean opens up a whole new world with a range of scuba diving, surfing and fishing options for couples looking for adventure and romance…the perfect combination in a long term commitment. Kick off your heels, go barefoot, or put on a pair of flip flops. Anything goes in this string of islands.

This is just a “tickler” of places to explore when you’re ready to celebrate your love, your family, and the life and legacy you built together on your way from “I do”…to “yes, even after all these years, I do still!”

Which ones did we miss?