So…you’re going on a trip. Great!

Open up your world to Gluten Free travel food that rocks!

Wait, you say you have cut gluten from your diet? Oh…well, if you want your trip to be amazing and delicious and emergency room free, you’ll need to do a little bit of planning to avoid eating the wrong thing.

Don’t worry, it’s challenging to maintain a Gluten Free diet while traveling, but it’s not impossible. Think of it as just another adventure…one you can easily navigate with the right information.

For example, you will be unable to get snacks and meals from food stops you’re used to at home, which can be frustrating when you are busy and need a quick bite to eat; however, with some careful planning you can be prepared ahead of time. When hunger strikes (and you know it will!) you won’t be caught unprepared and you can more easily maintain your gluten free diet.


1. Bring along travel size gluten free snacks. Some examples include beef jerky, gluten free nutrition bars such as Larabars, and tuna in a pouch. This way you will always have some sort of snack on hand for when you can’t stop and eat or cook while traveling.

2. Use Google to discover restaurants at your destination may have a gluten free options on their menus. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised. As with all restaurants, ask about cross contamination. If you’re business traveling, you can figure out how close some of these places are to your hotel then easily arrange to meet guests or clients at those places. Many restaurants will list this information directly on their website. Another good tip is to check an online gluten free restaurant registry such as Allergy Eats to find safe places for you to eat. Do not hesitate to ask for new food if a cook or waitress makes a mistake at a restaurant and adds something you can’t eat.

3. Purchase gluten free hot cereal or oatmeal packets to store in your hotel room. That way you have a simple, quick breakfast on hand when you wake up. No scrambling around trying to find something to eat! Just add hot water for an instant breakfast that will keep you healthy and sustain you until lunchtime.

4. If you are flying on an airplane call ahead and see if they offer a gluten free diet option. If they don’t then you will have to make sure to pack enough gluten free travel foods to last you through the flight.

5. If you did not take any of the above advice and have already landed with major hunger pangs, then keep in mind there are many naturally gluten free options at grocery stores and in convenience marts. You may even find something at the airport! You can always head to the supermarket for some fruit, veggies, hummus, and peanut butter. If there is a Whole Foods grocery store in the area you are traveling then you are in luck. This grocery chain has many wonderful options for those on a gluten free diet. Many convenience marts at least carry bananas and apples.

There are many great gluten free options! When you plan ahead you broaden your horizons and sticking to your diet will feel less like deprivation. If you forget or are too busy to plan ahead there are still some very good and viable options. Soon you will be on your way to eating and traveling gluten free with ease.


Have a great trip!