Burnout is real and doesn’t come with an appointment…

A good night’s sleep is just the beginning of what we need…

Whether because of school, work or home life, most modern women have felt at least once already that there are more responsibilities than hours in the average day. To stay ahead or at least afloat, we sometimes schedule everything from our chores to our arrival times with specific goals in mind. However, burnout is real and doesn’t come with an appointment. In addition to meetings and deadlines, we have to make time for recuperation.

Sometimes the only way to guarantee reserving time for yourself is to schedule yourself first. Only then will you also mark your sanity as a priority.

Some might argue that they can just rest when they sleep, but the reality is that too many of us spend at least half our nights reevaluating the day and stressing about the next. A good night’s sleep is just the beginning of what we need.

Additionally, the occasional lunch or afternoon break isn’t enough downtime when we spend the hour planning, worrying and mentally working. Free time for focusing on just your health and happiness can’t just be penciled in.

Even once you recognize the need to disconnect and unwind, though, women can find excuses and reasons to avoid a little “me time” out of thin air. You might think that you don’t deserve it or that you truly don’t have the time. Even worse, maybe you worry about having to justify it.

First, every woman deserves a little time to herself away from others’ demands and her own expectations. After all, no one can continue to succeed when plagued by endless fatigue. Secondly, everyone is granted the same twenty-four hours in a day.

How you choose to use them is up to you, other than an occasionally set work schedule. If you truly don’t believe you have the time, now is the moment to make it. Use your commute to work or reset your alarm to steal a few extra minutes all to yourself. Every second helps. Lastly, having to schedule time for yourself to rest and recover is a valid necessity, not an excuse. If anyone thinks you are trying to justify a lazy or vacation day, just think of it as your reward. Remember, you are entitled to use your time however you desire, so why not set a little aside each day for when you need it most? If you are at the point of having to actually schedule break, chances are you’ve earned it.

The beauty of scheduling time for yourself lies in its simplicity. As long as you do something that makes you happy and forget everything else for even just a few minutes, you will return feeling refreshed and ready to go. Everyone needs and deserves a little distraction, so make the most of yours.

If you can’t decide where to begin, consider starting with one of these six suggestions:


Find your guilty pleasure…

Pamper yourself

This cliché actually has a strong foundation and proven results. Even better, you can customize the experience to fit your needs and preferences. Choose your own level of pampering, whether you prefer to get just a manicure, massage or full facial. You also don’t necessarily have to go to a salon or resort for a little TLC. Run a bubble bath with all the works and slip into peace.

Move your body

Let your body do the work and give your mind a rest. Like the former point, you can also make your choice of exercise unique to you. Create a routine if you prefer that kind of structure or go on a quick walk whenever you find the time. Choose anything from boxing to belly dancing, as long as it eases the tension.

Tap into your creativity

If you need a break from schedules and plans for a while, use your hands to make something more magical. Even if you don’t necessarily have the gift of craftsmanship, just coloring or painting something abstract can replace all your stress with relaxing concentration. Make something beautiful or at least colorful and combine distraction with artistic self-expression.

Take a trip

Whenever work or home becomes too stressful of an environment, consider relocating, even if just for the afternoon. Go to a park or on a shopping spree or even drive until you reach an unknown destination. Just distance yourself from the source of your stress for a while to better clear your head. A change of scenery can produce wonderful changes to your outlook.

Interact with others

Probably the most proven distraction, spending time bonding or relaxing with friends improves even the worst moods. Meet up during your lunch breaks, plan a weekend getaway or even schedule weekly phone conversations. Whether you need to get away or just vent about your current stress or struggles, friends and loved ones can provide valuable insight and diversion.

Find your guilty pleasure

Whether it’s sweets, soap operas or anything in between, the smallest pleasure can instantly feel like a luxury during hard times. As long as yours isn’t harmful, don’t be afraid to indulge every now and then. Moderation can be fun, after all, with the right ingredients. Stretch out in your pajamas and look forward to lounging the night away when you just need to forget the day.

Whatever you choose, just remember to make good use of your free time. To guarantee you keep it, schedule it just like anything else. Take your first nap in years. Start that project you’ve stored away in your closet. Just do something that rejuvenates and reminds you to put your own health first. Life might seem overwhelming right now, but you can overcome almost any obstacle with refreshed confidence and a brighter perspective.