Nobody needs a $25 bottle of lotion…and

And…sometimes not needing it is exactly why you need to buy it anyway. Especially when it’s something that smells delicious and makes your skin feel pampered.

That’s how it was for me today as I ventured into my favorite little seaside shop, Beaufort Linen Company.

Why is it my favorite? Because it looks and feels how I want to look and feel. The fabrics are soft, the lotions smell indulgent, the carefully hand-picked jewelry is beautiful without being pretentious, the robes and sleepwear will carry your imagination to a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean sea, and the owner greets you like a friend (“Hey girl, where you been?)

Indulging in myself doesn’t always come natural for me. My personality weighs to the practical side. Perhaps as a result of being a mom. Perhaps as a result of being a business owner for so many years. Maybe you can relate…

I always seem look out for others. Seek ways to help them succeed, be happy, and support them on whichever path they choose.

And, I’m okay with that. In fact, I love that.

But sometimes…sometimes…you just need to forget about how practical something is and buy a $25 bottle of body lotion because it carries a little reminder of how you want to look and feel.

And, you’re worth it!