We grow them, carve them, light them up, and then sometimes…eat them!

I’m talking about pumpkins, of course. Tis the season where entire plots of land and family outings are devoted to the perfect pumpkin…the “great” pumpkin as Linus hopes for and waits for year after year.

Well, wait no longer! We’ve scoured the internet to find 5 of the best pumpkin snacks to warm up your hearts and your kitchens during the Fall holiday.

Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Banana Bread

You’ve got over-ripe bananas and some leftover pumpkin lying around right? Of course, your first thought should be to whip up some bread! I know, I wouldn’t have thought of it either. Thankfully, Amanda over at Running with Spoons did and came up with a delicious creation. You may think the ingredient combo is a little strange, at first, but I actually have a recipe for a chocolate greek yogurt bread that is absolutely the best, moistest bite of heaven…ever. So, it’s not surprise that Amanda came up with the same result.

You can get the whole recipe here: http://www.runningwithspoons.com/2015/09/15/greek-yogurt-pumpkin-banana-bread/

Pumpkin Apple Fruit Leather

When you need a “walking around snack” fruit roll-ups are amazing. In fact, I have a wedding photo of our son, who was the ring bearer, clutching his fruit rollup as the camera snapped “forever memories.” Hey, when you’re a mom you do what you gotta do…

The problem with many fruit snacks is they are prepared with artificial ingredients and a whole lotta’ sugar. Well, not this version. Sarah, over at The Organic Dietitian does the heavy lifting of figure out a more healthy way to enjoy fruit leather.

You can get the whole recipe here:

Salted Caramel Seeds

Love me some caramel. And when you drizzle it on pumpkin seeds and add Himalayan sea salt…well, that’s a little bit of crunchy, Halloween heaven. Silvia over at Ribas With Love is the genius chef behind this twist on a traditional favorite. So, as you carve a face on the outside of the pumpkin, be sure to scoop out and save the innards…that’s where the real magic begins.

You can get the whole recipe here:

Lebanese Pumpkin Hummus

I love hummus! In fact, I have four containers in my freezer right now, just waiting for an endless line of veggies and pita chips. But mine are the chickpea variety. I would have never thought about making pumpkin hummus if it weren’t for this recipe by Ania over at Lazy Cat Kitchen. Just imagine: roasted pumpkin, tahini, and a hint of chili pepper. Yep, I’m all over this one.

You can get the whole recipe here:

Pumpkin Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Did someone say Donuts? When it comes to a cakey donut without the frying, this recipe is a winner. I love the rich deep gold color, it just seems to scream “eat me…I’m healthy.” As healthy as a baked donut can be. The recipe was created by Ashley over at Baker by Nature.

You can get the whole recipe here: