For those looking for the Best Wood Fired Pizza…we’ve got you covered!

We asked our readers to share their favorite Wood-Fired Pizza places across the globe. The cheesy, ooey, gooey, crispy and delicious results came in. All in time for National Pizza Day this coming this Saturday (that’s February 9th!). Bite in and enjoy this roundup of pizza favorites. Then, why not share YOUR favorites with us! Let us know in the comment which pizza place wins your heart over and over again. Enjoy!

Lucille – Madison, Wisconsin

Reviewed By: Claire Sanders

Where: 101 King Street, Madison, WI

Opening times
MON–THURS: 3:00pm–2:00am
FRI: 12:00pm-2:00am
SAT–SUN: 9:00am-2:00am

Kitchen: Pizza, Tacos, Bowls, sourced locally

Why is Lucille the best wood-fire pizza in Madison, Wisconsin?

In order to be considered the best one must be doing so well at their craft that all others fall short in comparison. Lucille is doing exactly that. This restaurant on the Capitol square is setting the bar high when it comes to locally sourced, crowd pleasing, delicious, and globally inspired wood-fired pizza. Not to mention the aesthetic in this building is noteworthy, composed of large family-style tables, a lofted third floor filled with booths worthy of your next night out, and a discreet basement lounge.

I wandered into Lucille on a Thursday afternoon, where the restaurant was far from filling it’s 350 patron capacity. I situated myself up at the bar and was able to gaze at the seasonal beer selection, and admire the shelves upon shelves of liquor; some only accessible via the sliding ladder hinged above. I was pleased to see that they offered a wood-fired slice of the day accompanied by a greens salad tossed in a vinaigrette. For $8 this was a steal, and a delicious one at that.

Minutes later my slice of garlic, red pepper, and leek arrived to me fresh out of the shining white tile wood-fired dome. I enjoyed the mild garlic cream sauce opposed to a typical marinara for I felt it highlighted the vegetables featured on the slice flawlessly. The aerated yet blistered crust is fermented with New Glarus Spotted Cow, a beer crafted and distributed solely in Wisconsin. With such celebration in sourcing locally grown and produced ingredients it is no surprise that the menu has a page dedicated to recognizing Lucille’s nearby partners.

Let’s assume you’re not alone (or you’re starving) while checking out the best wood-fired pizza in Madison, WI… Lucille offers eight pizza creations as well as the option to build your own personal pie. The menu is currently featuring a Sausage and Broccoli Rab pizza and an Umami Pie packed with Wisconsin mushrooms, as well as a Mediterranean and BLT pizza.

Among the choose your own toppings you will find; proscuitto, farm egg, crimini mushrooms, chèvre, cream cheese, calabrian chili, grilled chicken breast, as well as house made ricotta or sausage. Whether feeding a crowd, or looking forward to leftovers, Lucille has a wood-fired pizza option sure to tickle everyone’s fancy.

When it comes to history 101 King Street has a story to tell, and a great one at that. Situated on the corner of Pinckney and King street what is now Lucille was once a cigar shop, Maw Dry Goods Co, The King Street Arcade, Capitol City Bank, and home to the first Wisconsin Radio station-WIBA.

The building featured a modern layout with a golden dome unlike any others in the 1930s, sparking a lot of conversation and interest in the booming commercial neighborhood. While technology was rapidly expanding and the radio station pulled in nearly 2,000 people for it’s debut, the Capitol City Bank foreclosed due to an enormous amount of debt and a fraud investigation. Today in it’s place stands Lucille, and while the golden dome no longer attracts guests, the large open windows welcome many into this historic building turned lively restaurant.

We recommend… In a city where the majority of college students stumble their way into Ian’s Pizza after a long night on the town, Lucille is making outstanding wood-fired pizza the star of their otherwise exceptionally seasonal and local menu.

Price guide
Pizzas = Start at $13.00
Bowls and Tacos = Start at $12.00



Pizza La Finca – Costa Rica

Reviewed by: Niki Meeks

Where:  Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Opening times
Hours: 11:45am–9:45pm

Kitchen: Pizza

When we settled in a small country town called Cebadilla in beautiful Costa Rica, we were a bit concerned about the availability of restaurants & shopping locally, despite being close to the capital city of San Jose. Happy to know – charm is abound, just across the Río Grande in Atenas, about 20 minutes away, allowing us to avoid the busy traffic of San Jose.

Last week, we were tired after a long day of exploring & swimming – so cooking at home was off the menu. We decided to take the family to Pizza La Finca – a wood fired pizzeria, that had come highly recommended by neighbors. Hosting only 10 tables with open air seating along a rushing river, typical of Costa Rica, we were invited with traditional Italian aromas seeping from the behind the bar and steaming from the kitchen.

The bar hosted an extensive imported beer list, like Moretti, but also a plethora of local, Costa Rican micro-brews. Our waiter enticed us in English describing the freshly made sauces and secret Italian-Fusion recipes. He recommended a delectable appetizer of octopus carpaccio, which was quite perfect, filled with local sweet peppers, garlic, onion & lime. The pizzas were hand-tossed, between thick and thin crust with the right amount of sauce and toppings to keep the slice from collapsing from the plate to the mouth. We ordered 3, to guarantee left-overs of these perfect pizza pies.

The ambiance was tranquil with cool night breezes touched by glows and sounds of crackling firewood from the wood fired grill. The children were able to run and play while we finished our Italian Margaritas for dessert

We recommend…In our experience, Pizzería la Finca is the best pizza restaurant in Costa Rica. I suggest arriving just before sunset to beat the avid crowd.

Connect Online: Pizzerialafinca

V Pizza – Jacksonville, FL

Reviewed by: Jennifer Meyer

Where: 1406 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32207 | 904.527.1511

Opening times
MON–THU: 11:00am–10:00pm
FRI–SAT: 11:00am-11:00pm
*serving sidecar until 1:00am
SUN: Brunch 10:00am-2:00pm; Full Menu 11:00am-9:00pm

Kitchen: Pizza

Wood-fired pizza is as close as you can get to real Italian pizza, right? Well, maybe not. Today, I tasted pizza cooked in a wood fire oven that was shipped to the Jacksonville, FL all the way from Naples, Italy.

If authentic Naples pizza sounds amazing to you, you no longer have to travel to Italy to find it. V Pizza is a small chain that started in San Marco, which is near the heart of Jacksonville, FL. The restaurant is relatively small but is happy to accommodate large groups. While the chain has grown to have 4 locations (3 in Jacksonville and 1 in Gainesville), each of their locations is dedicated to preparing quality, wood-fired pizza.

While V Pizza offers pizza cooked in an authentic oven built in Naples, the ovens aren’t the only specialty this restaurant has to offer; they also order fantastic ingredients, which add a lovely flavor to their pizza.

Their pizza tastes nothing like the pizza you’re used to. They claim to use a completely different type of flour: 00 Flour, which is imported from–you guessed it–Italy. You can read more about their flour and other ingredients at V Pizza’s website. There are very little ingredients in their pizza dough, which is incredible and different from the pizza I’m accustomed to.

When I first tasted the pizza, I thought that the dough was bland. However, I quickly realized that it was because there was no added sugar. Once I noticed of the flavors that the cheese, sauce, meat, and vegetables brought to the pizza, I realized there was an entire medley of flavors. The cheese was creamy and salty; the meats were spicy and thick; the veggies were crisp and fresh; and the sauce was simple and sweet.

V Pizza crafted the most unique pizza that I have ever tried. Ordering a pizza from them is certainly an experience. You could say that it’s almost as adventurous as a trip to Naples. Almost.

We recommend…Get ready for a taste experience!


Dickinson College Farm – Carlisle, PA

Reviewed by: Fatema Sachak

Where: Farmers Markets on the main square in Carlisle, PA

Opening times
WED – Aftenoon – Follow them on Facebook for most recent information
MONTHLY – on campus

Kitchen: Pizza at Farmers Market & Campus

The essence of a pizza arises from the quality of the ingredients and the way it is made. Thin crusted, wood-fired pizzas are a favorite! You get the crunchiness of the thin crust and the smoky flavor from the fire.

Dickinson College Farm pizza perfectly molds these two into a beautiful pizza creation. This is not a restaurant, but a stand that makes delectable pizza from the freshest ingredients, prepared right in front of you, and given to you hot out of the wood-fired oven.

The stand is seen every Wednesday afternoon at the Farmers Market on the main square in Carlisle, PA, and sells once a month on Dickinson’s campus.

In addition to their heavenly pizzas, they produce other flavorsome foods made from their farm goods, and to find out more about them, call 717-713-0275 or email [email protected].

The farm pizza stand started in 2013, in which pizzas are handmade and freshly baked by interns and student workers from the farm.

A slice of pizza costs $3 each, or a pizza pie (a full pizza), sells at $15.

A must eat is the broccoli and mushroom pizza, the fresh broccoli gives an extra crunch and adds a delightful green aesthetic, and the juiciness of the mushroom perfectly contrasts the crunch of the broccoli. Add a little red pepper flakes and you have the best vegetarian pizza.

All ingredients are either sourced locally or picked from the farm, of which many of the vegetable and herbs are organic. The outstanding quality of the local ingredients, handmade in front of your eyes, freshly baked and prepared, gives the pizza a crispy, warm, authentically mouthwatering taste that cannot be topped.

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Florinas – Fishkill, NY

Reviewed by: Leslie Spencer

Where: 225 NY-82, Fishkill, NY  12524

Opening times
MON-SAT – 11:00am – 9:30pm
SUN – 12:00pm-8:30pm

Kitchen: Pizza

The smell of the wood-fired pizza is what draws you into the place, the variety of their menu is what keeps you coming back.

They offer delicious and unique combinations of pizzas from original to wood-fired to thin crust. An example of one of their unique thin crust wood-fired pizza is the “Godfather”, which is covered with hot sausage, broccoli rabe, fresh garlic, and mozzarella cheese, no sauce.

If you prefer a slice over a whole pie, you will not walk away hungry because the slices are huge! The Margherita pizza is what most people rave over. The flavors that come from the fresh cut basil and fresh cut garlic to the toppings and awesome crust that are enhanced by the wood-firing are simply mouthwatering!

They also offer seafood dishes, chicken dishes, pasta dishes, specialties, and catering trays. The owners are involved with their customers. They welcome visitors with a friendly attitude. Even the pizza master is willing to recommend his favorites. They are super knowledgeable about the menu items.  They have take-out, eat in and will take reservations. The restaurant can seat up to 30 people.

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Zero Zero – San Francisco, CA (SOMA District)

Reviewed by: Meera ElBenni

Where: 826 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Opening times
SUN-THU – 11:30am – 9:30pm
FRI-SAT – 11:30am-10:30pm

Kitchen: Pizza

San Fransisco, California is a multicultural melting pot full of delicious foods and lively people. Among the thousands of dining options is Zero Zero; a little Italian restaurant with big flavor.

This fifteen table restaurant is  in the heart of San Fransisco’s SOMA district. Zero Zero serves brunch, lunch, and dinner, with menus featuring a variety of mouth-watering delicacies including Avocado Bruschetta, Crispy Duck Confit, and Wood-oven Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup.

Zero Zero is recognized for their appetizers, soups, and extensive wine list; but they are best known for their wood-fired pizza.

As soon as you walk into Zero Zero, you are surrounded by the scent of fresh olive oil, and brick-oven baked dough. This restaurant prides themselves on supporting local  businesses and gets all of their ingredients from Bay area farms. Their fresh, handmade pizzas smell amazing and taste even better.

Zero Zero has the perfect wood-fired pizza for everyone. Their menu features options including the Margherita pizza, topped with fresh basil and olive oil, for cheese lovers, the Castro, topped with Sopressata and house-made sausage, for meat lovers, and the Dubboce, topped with eggplant, roasted Market Peppers, and roasted garlic, for veggie lovers.

The pizza at Zero Zero is the best wood-fired pizza in San Fransisco, the Bay Area, and possible all of Northern California. It is definitely a must-have!

This restaurant is typically very busy. We suggest you visit their website or call to make reservations.

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That’s our roundup for now….care to give us your best recommendation for Wood-Fired Pizza? We would love to hear from you!