Bourbon, horse racing, and bluegrass are not the only things that symbolize Louisville. They are, however, the most enduring
Any horse lover worth their salt knows Louisville is the best place to immerse yourself in all things horses. It’s where you can find Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum after all! Always check to make sure you will be visiting at a time when the museum is actually open. There are several tours to choose from and it all depends on what you want to see and how long you want to spend at the museum.

Did you Know…

Women have more involvement in the Kentucky Derby than big, beautiful, boisterous hats! In 1904 a clever woman nominated her horse for the Derby without the knowledge of her husband, who was also the horse’s trainer. Elwood, was the first woman-owned horse to win the prestigious race. Mrs. Laska Durnell demonstrated shrewd business sense and what must have been unwavering belief in her horse, which, by the way, was also bred by a woman, Mrs. J.B. Prather.

Where bourbon is born

If you’re a bourbon lover, Louisville is the perfect place for a trip! The Buffalo Trace Distillery, where the aromas will envelope you in all things delectable and delicious is only about an hour drive from Louisville.
The distillery has several tours you can choose from so you know your experience is exactly or as close to what you want. If you are huge fan of Buffalo Trace then you’ll love that all the tours include a tasting.
If you’re a fan of Jim Beam, visit their American Stillhouse. This is only 30 minutes from Louisville with guided tours. Much like most distilleries, the Jim Beam stillhouse also offers bourbon tastings.

Local dining can be casual or fancy

While there are many places to eat, choose an establishment with good food you can only experience during your trip to Louisville. Wagner’s Pharmacy has been synonymous with Churchill Downs for decades. This establishment, open since 1922, is very homey and unpretentious. They serve breakfast and lunch.

Proof on Main may be what you’re looking for if you want something a bit more modern and still very much the style of Louisville gastronomy. It’s found in the 21C Museum Hotel with a bar that has over 75 Kentucky Bourbons to choose from. The artwork you see in the restaurant are actually rotating exhibits! The food is made with ingredients provided by local suppliers.

Even more interesting is that Woodland Farms, a supplier of bison, is also owned by the founder of the 21C Museum.

Speaking of the 21C Museum, it’s also a pretty neat place to visit during your trip. All the art work displayed is strictly from the 21st century, hence the name 21C. I recommend checking out their website before your visit to see what special events or exhibits they may be offering during your stay.

In the end, Louisville is more than just for the horseraces and bourbons. It’s for memories, laughter, and great food. It’s about the time spent together in a place that’s wonderful.

When you Go:

Churchill Downs
Racing: April through July
700 Central Avenue
Louisville, KY 40208

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Museum
704 Central Avenue
Louisville, KY  40208

The Buffalo Trace Distillery
Buffalo Trace Distillery
113 Great Buffalo Trace
Frankfort, KY 40601
*They recommend to avoid using GPS to find them, many
get off course. Instead, go to the website for driving directions
American Stillhouse
526 Happy Hollow Rd.
Clermont, KY  40110
Wagner’s Pharmacy
3113 S. 4th Street
Louisville, KY  40214
Proof on Main
702 W. Main Street
Louisville, KY  40202

21C Museum Hotel
700 West Main Street
Louisville, KY  40202

Woodland Farms
4716 Greenhaven Lane
Goshen, KY  40026


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Bison: National Park Service *public domain license

Flickr – creative commons license