Just when you thought the answer for looking younger only involved cosmetics, pills or diet changes, a new activity has made the top of the list… Sex! Yes, this past time could become one of your favorite anti-aging strategies.

Just when you thought you knew all the benefits of having sex, you can now include “looking younger” to the list.

As we age, we always search for answers about how to look and feel younger. The most readily available suggestions include eating the right foods, preventing illness, exercising, and other healthy habits that protect your skin and give your brain a boost.

Well it’s time to add healthy sex to that list.

There are a lot of chemical things happening when you have sex that allows your body to feel younger. You get the benefits of hormone release as well as the opportunity to relieve stress.

It’s no small secret that continued levels of unmanaged stress are unhealthy for the body. Without any type of release, your body could maintain levels of cortisol that are not good for the body.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is natural and necessary to your body’s system. It activates the systems that protect you and prepare you to respond to a threat. The problem with cortisol occurs when there is no real downtime after a stressful situation. Since minimizing or managing stress is a top priority when you are searching for how to look younger, you need to find a way to release stress and tension. Sex can do this.

Imagine your husband’s delight when you say, “Honey, I’ve had a stressful day at work…let’s have sex!”

Really…try that…

Another connection between sex and your health is the resulting emotional closeness. People that have a companion tend to be happier and experience a longer life span. The quality of your life experiences is greater when you have someone to share those moments with. The intimacy of sex is just an extension of this.

As we get older, our bodies will experience things we may not have had to worry about when we were younger. For men, erectile dysfunction may be a concern. For women, the concern may be vaginal dryness. But these conditions are almost always treatable. And, when you realize how many other people experience them you won’t feel embarrassed to talk about the situation with your doctor…or your mate.

Rather than get frustrated because you are having trouble with an orgasm, you may say, “Honey, that position doesn’t work for me any more…let’s explore some other things…”

The fact that you are aging doesn’t mean you need to hang up your sexual drive. You can still experience the emotional connection and the physical exhilaration of spending time with someone you love.

This makes you happy. This makes you smile. And when you are searching for how to look younger, a smile and a little blush are always a sign of youth.

So as you search for ways to build your health, don’t forget to pay attention to your sexual health. After all, you are made up of many parts, of many systems, and of many experiences. When you take care of the whole body you have the ability to look younger and feel vibrant, healthy and sexy no matter what your age.

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