Swimming with the dolphins is a popular bucket list item…

Love animals? Love the water? Then this list of best excursions in Grand Cayman for animal lovers is exactly what you’re looking for. Find out more about birding, sea turtles, dolphins and stingrays and close encounters…This is Part 3 so be sure to check out the other adventures:

Discover Dolphins in the Caymans

I know many people dream of being a mermaid. I get it! When you live near the water the best part is jumping in…salt, sand and all! I’ve lived near the water more than I haven’t. From personal experience, I can confirm there is something magical about the sea.  

Whenever we took our boat out, I always wanted to get as far away from land as possible. More than once we have been surrounded by hundreds of swimming dolphins speeding along in the boat’s wake so close we could almost reach out and touch them, and migrating whales, playing and carefree in the ocean!

There are two ocean mammals that have literally stole my heart. Orca whales – which I have seen in their natural habitat in the Pacific Northwest; and dolphins. They are always playing and smiling!

(Oh, and I’m told if dolphins are around, sharks are not….so there is that too!)

So, animal and mermaid lovers alike can enjoy a Dolphin encounter when they travel to the Cayman Islands.

There are a couple of choices: Dolphin Discover Grand Cayman and Dolphin Cove Cayman. Of course, the sessions are guided and perhaps even a little touristy. Yet…it’s dolphins!

When you are on a cruise, they have their own shore excursions. In this particular video for this ship, it appears they take you to a less “pool-like” location.

What’s Next in the Cayman Islands?