Stingrays are related to the shark…

Stingrays in the Islands

The beach, the surf, the sand…that’s island life in the Cayman Islands of the Caribbean. Every year thousand flock to paradise to enjoy their vacations. Yet, did you know that humans are not the only inhabitants of these lush, green landscapes. If you love animals, you will love what the Caribbean Islands have in store for you!

In this series of articles about the Grand Caymans you will learn:

Now, while we’re on the subject of activities IN the water, and sharks, let’s talk stingrays.

Did you know, they are related to sharks? Just like a shark, they have no bones in their body. Their eyes are on the top, and their mouth and gills are underneath. This makes it hard for them to see what they are eating, so sensors across their face, called Ampullae of Lorenzini, pick up electrical signals from what moves around them.

They are beautiful to watch gliding through the water. Once, while jet skiing in Cabo, a ray with about a six-foot wing span jumped completely out of the water between me and the other rider.

What a treat! And, experiences like that can only happen when you leave your comfort zone and dare to venture into another world…the world that is the ocean.

Don’t you love the music! *wink Can you imagine standing in the Caribbean waters all day, herding stingrays…and getting paid to do it!


In this series of articles about the Grand Caymans you learned about: