“Successful people are successful because they make better choices…”

How would it look if you knew exactly which choices to make to get the life you want?

It’s normal to look at other people’s life and wonder how they got so “lucky” and you didn’t. But wait….aren’t you lucky too?!

You see, some people can start to feel “stuck” in life because things are not going exactly as they had hoped. They look at everyone around them, people who they perceive to have something different or better than what they have, and begin to believe everyone else has some sort of magical “touch” or luck or something else that obviously, must not be available to them.

After all, if they were lucky or had that same magical touch then their life would look exactly like someone else’s instead of their own, right?

Ok, that’s just baloney! First of all, the best life to live is the one you have.


Because at the end of the day, the only person’s life you really have control over is your own. So, since you are the boss of you…why not give yourself a break and give yourself some perks!

Second, you don’t really know what other people’s lives are really like. Hopefully, it is terrific and they are as happy as they appear. I wish that for everyone. However, I can bet you that wherever they are today: their health, their wealth, their happiness, and their perception of the world, is the result of choices they make.


Choices are not “magic.” Choices are not “luck.” Choices are choices…decisions you make between one thing or another based on what’s important to you, your values, and your goals. Too often we make a choice, not because it’s what we want, but instead because we believe that, well, it’s just easier. Less headache.

But when that happens too often – it has a negative ripple effect into every area of your life.

I’m constantly asking myself…will this [choice] bring me closer to or further away from what I want my life to be.

That’s a great question because it makes saying “no” to the wrong things very easy!

If something doesn’t move you closer to where you want to be, to who you want to be… don’t do it. Protect your inner and outer life. Only let the best in…let everything else go!

Sure, some people’s feelings may be hurt, for a little bit. However, you can never control how someone else will respond to your truth. Your choices. Your life. When you are being honest with yourself, then good things happen.

At least that’s what I’ve experienced. How about you? When have you stepped into something that was fully aligned with your dreams…and experienced great joy? Great success?

Now, the caveat in all of this making-good-choices thing is you must take the time to figure out who you want to be and what you want to accomplish during your spin on this earth. That, my friends, is a much longer discussion, may change over the years, and requires you to journey to the center of your soul.

Enjoy the ride!