You never know what you’ll find when wandering the California coast in the fog…
There is a lot to love about LaJolla California, one of San Diego’s prettiest (and most expensive) seaside villages.

We were heading home after a day in downtown San Diego and didn’t originally plan on stopping for dinner; however, since it was getting close to sunset (that magical hour) I wanted to stroll along the beach and say goodbye to another beautiful day.

The trick about planning to see the sun set on the coast is that while it may be perfectly clear on the 5 freeway, there could be a little bit of cloud cover just a few miles closer to the ocean. That’s exactly what happened to us as we exited the freeway and headed toward the beach of La Jolla.

As it became clear that a romantic sunset was not to be played out on demand for us, we went in search for a “Plan B.” We were certain we could find a coffee shop or something to stop and unwind.

We didn’t have to go too far or look too long!

Situated right on the corner of Herschel was Herringbone. One glance from the street of this renovated garage and you knew you were in for something special. As we peaked into the door we were greeted by live olive trees that are 100 years old, a fireplace, and a brick-faced bar in what looked like the perfect outdoor living space which had been completely enclosed.

We found our spot!

We found the perfect table right in front of the fireplace. It felt like we were tucked away from the world while still being able to watch the action all around us. It was the perfect place to unwind and celebrate the close of another day together; the perfect place to dream and plan of our future.

And, the perfect place to order a very cold, very delicious platter of oysters!

While they have a wonderful dinner menu that ranges from pan seared halibut, to herbed fries, and wood-fired flatbread, we weren’t particularly hungry so we just stuck with light fare and drinks. This is one way to sample so many restaurants, enjoy the ambiance, and still stay fit.

We followed up the oysters with a plate of Brussel Sprouts and Pecans which our waitress advised was one of her favorites. Because we have discovered servers most often have great suggestions, we took hers and were not disappointed.

I know, oysters and Brussel sprouts are not a common pairing. But we didn’t eat them at the same time!

First came the oysters. Served on a bed of ice, they are perfect with a squeeze of fresh lemon and hot sauce. Next, we cleaned our palate with wine and unhurried conversation. Finally, because we were not ready for the moment to end we ordered the Brussel sprouts and they came at the perfect time.

When you’re out exploring, don’t hesitate to duck into a place that sparks your interest. That’s how we ended up here. We saw the entrance from across the street, said “hey – let’s check that out’, popped our heads in the door, looked at each other and said “let’s eat here….”

And the thing is…we were actually heading to a coffee shop and had no plans to eat!

They say if you take action in the first 5 seconds of being faced with a decision, you are more likely to do something. If you tell yourself “someday, I’ll come back and try this….” most often “someday” never comes.
So – here’s to making your “somedays” a reality!

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