“I believe God wants us to dream, and to dream big, because He’s a big God who wants to do big things and He wants to do them through us.”

~Excerpt from Put Your Dream To The Test, John. C. Maxwell

How was your week?

Was it messy? Was it inspiring? Was it productive? Was it frustrating? Was it focused? Did it move you forward? Did it remind you to raise your gaze upward? Did it challenge you to look inward?

Did it fill you with the confidence needed to take the next step? Did your mind-expand…your heart-grow? Did you smile? Did you laugh? Did you love?

Did you take time to dream?

Dreams are a funny thing. Because they can be something you really think will happen, or just some place you visit when you’re sleeping, only to wake up and live your life in the “real world” (perhaps someone else’s world) where you are limited to what everyone else thinks is possible. What you think is possible…realistic.

Your dreams can be something you keep inside, quietly and diligently doing the work needed to make them happen. No grandstanding. No angst. No drama. Just showing up everyday with a plan and a purpose. I know some of you are like that.

Others announce it to the world, emboldened by the looks of disbelief, amusement, and confusion because, by gosh, you may actually be able to pull it off! And then….you simply show up everyday with a plan and a purpose and put in the work to make your big dream a reality. I know some of you are like that too!

Some of you are not sure what your dream is. It’s there…just outside of your peripheral vision. You feel it, but can’t really see it. Can’t articulate it…yet. You surround yourself with people who inspire you and, like them, you show up everyday…maybe not totally sure your plan will work…still in the process of defining your purpose, and put in the work to define your dreams. Yep…some of you are like that too!

No matter where you are right now, this moment, this day…you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Every time you make the choice to show up, make the choice to open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities, and are willing to put in the work needed…you become more of what you’re supposed to be.

So…what will you do today, tomorrow and next week to dream a little bigger and do things a little differently to get from where you are now to your dream destination?

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