What’s the Secret of a Great Marriage?



(time stamp 2:00) Do you expect your spouse to make you happy all of the time?

(time stamp 6:00) What is the value of self-confidence in your life…and marriage?

(time stamp 10:00) What happens when you get your mind right?

(time stamp 14:30) What can you give…and who takes care of you?

(time stamp 20:00) What are you focusing on in your life…and in your marriage?

(time stamp 25:30) What are you doing with your power?

(time stamp 30:00) How to you avoid taking advantage or your partner in a long-term marriage?

(time stamp 35:00) Who are you responsible for?

(time stamp 40:00) How can you change him/her?

(time stamp 44:20) What can you do when it’s not easy?

(time stamp 48:40) What can a successful marriage look like?

(time stamp 51:00) Laughter in your marriage…priceless!