Looking for Proven Health Tips? Over 89,000 Registered Dietitians can’t be wrong.


Is health just a bite away?…

According to National Spokespeople for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, implementing simple health tips for the new year will result in better health and a better you.

Who are dietitians? Health professionals who look at food and nutrition to promote health and manage disease. Their approach to whole body health relates directly to something we at Vitabella Magazine love…food!

1. Create an Action Plan


Write down your action plan and increase your chances for success…

The best intentions in the world fall flat when you don’t have a plan. For example, if you want to eat less sugar, yet fail to remove all the sugary snacks from your kitchen…temptation is bound to creep in and coax you to gobble up those sugary treats.

What does an action plan look like?

“Create personal goals based on what actionable steps you can take to meet them,” says Debbie Petitpain, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Charleston, S.C. “Set an actionable goal of exercising three times a week and eating a piece of fruit after dinner instead of a piece of cake. Decide ahead of time of what success looks like to you. Otherwise, how will you know when you’ve achieved it?”

What can “exercise” look like?

  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Bike Riding
  • Rock Climbing

Wait….that looks more like playing to me!

I also recommend you add some form of weight training to your weekly routine. This can be for as little as two times a week; however, when your body has muscle, you burn more calories, create a stronger skeletal structure (you know, bones), and provide a nice foundation for your skin to cover.

2. Know your WHY



Focus on WHY  you want to have a healthy life to BE the healthy person you were born to be…

Malina Linka Malkani, an RDN in New York City adds: “Is your ultimate goal to feel better so you can be more present for your children? If so, it’s not the number on the scale but how you feel after making lifestyle changes. The more mindful your approach, the more likely you are to stick with a healthier lifestyle long-term.”

As with every great journey throughout life, understanding why you are doing it adds depth and meaning to the goal. You are more likely to triumph over challenges and temporary setbacks, and be motivated to keep going, when the reason you want better health is greater than the reason you want that seven-layer chocolate cake!

3. Pace Yourself



Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take your wellness journey one step at a time…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your present state of health (good or not) didn’t happen overnight. It’s a series of small acts, done daily and consistently, that will deliver optimal health.

“Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to improving your health,” says Angel Planells, an RDN in Seattle. “Start with a small change and build from there. You can start with something as simple as eating an extra serving of a fruit of vegetable per day.”

You may wonder, “Which fruits and vegetables will give me the most bang for my buck?”

The answer is…all of them! But when you are looking for high levels of certain nutrients, then go for the deep rich colors: red, blue, purple, gold, and green.

“Focus on creating a lifestyle change instead of resolving to a short term, quick-fix diet,” says Rahaf Al Bochi, an RDN in Atlanta. “Fad diets are not sustainable and may result in disordered eating and unhealthy relationships with food. Instead, focus on healthful foods you can add to your diet instead of foods you want to remove.”

I love this advice! Too often, healthy eating is focused on what NOT to eat (sugar, donuts, empty calories, etc). This triggers our brains to a state of “want” and “need” and “deprivation” which actually makes it harder to stick with the plan.

Rather than say, “I can’t eat bread anymore” think “I get to enjoy a freshly grilled piece of salmon and brown rice flavored with dried cranberries and almonds.” Yum!

Funny thing happens. You may discover that once you add more nutrition-packed powerhouse foods to your lifestyle, you won’t miss, want or crave the empty calories you did before. It happened for me…perhaps it will happen for you as well!

4. Stay Positive



Celebrate every healthy decision you make this year…

“Every new day is a new opportunity to focus on your goals and appreciate your achievement.” Sandra Arevalo, an RDN in New York City, also adds the encouragement to not give up.

That “forbidden food” you ate five minutes ago is no reason to quit. Missed the gym this morning, again? Don’t stress. Can you take a 10-minute walk right now? And then, resolve to do better tomorrow.

Another tip is to start your whole “better me” change around the middle of the month. Why? Because everyone (it seems) starts the year out with great intentions and new years resolutions on January 1st, only to discover on the 5th they are already “failing.”

You don’t need the stress! The pressure is not authentic, and not needed. You can start your new lifestyle any day of the month, or year. The most important tip is to just start…from where you are, right now.

5. Surround Yourself with Healthy Inspiration



Surround yourself with healthy inspiration…

If you have vowed to eliminate sugar from your life, and work in a bakery, this could be difficult! That doesn’t mean quit your job, it just means you are going to have to plan for the temptation to over-indulge.

More important are the people and influencers you surround yourself with. Cake is not your bff…well, it could be…but, you know what I mean!

All Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Spokespeople say: Spend time with people who share your desire to become healthier. Positivity will inspire you to stay on track.

People, or more accurately, the right people could be that magic key for becoming a better, healthier, happier version of you.

Bottom line is this: You are already amazing and awesome. You have something special to offer this world. When your body and passions are fueled with the best foods…the foods that supply energy and healthy benefits to carry you through this life, then we all win.

If you feel you want additional, personalized support, then by all means reach out to a professional!

Here is where you can find them:

For a more personalized approach to meeting your nutritional goals, Academy Spokespeople recommend consulting with a registered dietitian nutritionist. To find an RDN in your area, visit https://www.eatright.org/find-an-expert.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. The Academy is committed to improving the nation’s health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy. Visit the Academy at www.eatright.org.