The Surprising Connection and How Health Detectives Discover Your Unique Weight Loss Formula

Did you know there is a connection between hormones and weight loss? And did you know that weight loss over 50 doesn’t have to be a struggle?  Weight Loss Over 50: Finding Your Ideal Weight
Weight Loss Over 50: A perfect reason for maintaining your healthy weight in order to live with joy at each season of life!

Weight Loss Over 50: Finding Your Ideal Weight

Did you know there is a connection between hormones and weight loss? And did you know that weight loss over 50 doesn’t have to be a struggle?

At what age did you discover that what worked in your 20s to maintain a healthy weight no longer worked?

For many women, this happens somewhere around their 40-50’s, and it can be frustrating because our brains tell us we are still young and hip…and we are! It’s just that our body wants to express that differently sometimes.

As it turns out, it doesn’t have to be like that!

For many women, finding and maintaining their ideal weight is a battle. In a sense, perhaps it is. However, it’s important to remember that you and your body are not enemies. 

Rather than struggle and fight, why not approach health and nutrition differently? When you understand that hormones and weight loss are the key to easily maintaining a healthy weight then you can approach the number on the scale and how you feel in your clothes with a sense of curiosity!

You are beautiful at every point of your journey, and you can look and feel amazing.

Continue exploring what works and doesn’t for you and your body. Open your mind to what others discover about health, nutrition, and hormones. Try new things. Keep what works, stop what doesn’t, and give yourself a ton of grace as you transform into the best version of yourself.

It’s a journey, after all…and what an incredible journey learning about your health can be.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition: Hormone Testing for Happy Hormones

You are beautiful at every point of your journey, and you can look and feel amazing.

Recently, I stumbled upon the idea of “functional diagnostic nutrition.”

In the Health Detective Podcast episode with guest Dr. Kyrin Duston, this former OB/GYN talks about her journey to mastering her hormones and losing 100 pounds.

Even if you don’t have that much to lose, simplifying the process of maintaining a healthy weight by working from our smallest parts makes a lot of sense. How can we “fight” a battle and build solid health when our foundational chemicals are not balanced.

Click here to listen to the full Health Detective Hormones and Weight Loss podcast interview so you can learn more about it:

Healthy Weight and Hormone Take-aways from the Podcast

Balancing your Hormones helps you easily maintain a healthy weight and be beautiful from the inside out.

Some of the points made in the healthy weight and hormone discussion that caught my attention are:

Hormone imbalance symptoms can develop so slowly that we can attribute them to other things or get mad at ourselves rather than realize the root cause of weight gain. Dr. Dunston likens it to boiling a frog. You put it in cold water and turn up the heat gradually, so it doesn’t realize it’s cooked until it’s too late!

There is a balance between Western and Eastern approaches to medicine and health. Each has its place to help us achieve and maintain optimal health.

Women’s hormones are constantly changing. Our estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone fluctuate throughout life. A lot can go wrong. Western medicine doesn’t always have the correct answers because it uses a limited toolbox.

Your health care is like a tree. Mainstream medicine looks at the leaves and branches. But if you go down the tree’s trunk into the roots and soil, you’ll see a completely different picture (and different solutions) to address the root causes of what you’re experiencing.

Midlife Metabolic Mayhem. This is Dr. Dunston’s term for what so many of her female patients were experiencing.

Pain will push you until your vision pulls you. I love this! What a beautiful way to approach your health and your life!

Sometimes, when mainstream medicine gives you a prescription for a “symptom,” the investigation stops. This can be a mistake. Ask “why” the symptom is happening rather than be satisfied with “what” medication will be prescribed. 

We are born with an incredible system that wants to heal itself. Our bodies WANT to be healthy.

I would love to hear what takeaways you get from the podcast interview. We all hear what we need to hear when we need to hear it. So, what resonated with me may be different from what resonates with you. This health journey we are all on is fascinating, don’t you agree!?