I could be walking the dog down the beach, driving to an appointment in the rain, folding laundry and laughing at the dog as he chases squirrels in his sleep, or dancing in the kitchen while I slice and dice and put together an every-day sort of salad to be served with a couple glasses of wine. These are all simple things. Nothing grand. And yet…I know…I am blessed.

And so are you because every moment of every day we have an opportunity to do something. To think something. To dream something. To see something. To love someone. To create something. To become someone. To inspire someone.

“Choose to be optimistic. It feels better…”

~Dalai Lama

You might be rolling your eyes right now, thinking I’m a little crazy. After all…isn’t there all kinds of things in the world to worry about? Haven’t I seen the news? Don’t I realize how bad it is?

I know there are troubles in the world. But the truth is…they are not all my troubles to solve. My worrying about them isn’t going to make them better or worse.

You see, every person is gifted with challenges. These challenges are not meant to hurt us, although they can seem hurtful. No, those challenges and those experiences are meant to enrich our lives, build our character and strength, and make us ready for the best things life has to offer.

So even when trouble has knocked on my door, I know I am blessed.


Because I know I am strong, stronger than I even realize. Every time trouble has come into my life it served only to open the door to greater opportunities in my life. Greater happiness, greater love, greater insight, greater wisdom…a greater life.

You can feed the fear or you can feed the blessings. I choose the blessings. And the funny thing is, the more blessings I look for and acknowledge, the more blessings I receive.

Fear cannot live in the company of blessings.

I know I am loved. I know I am blessed. I bet you are too! The challenge for each of us is to acknowledge the love and embrace the blessings with gratitude.

How about you?