He was deathly afraid of heights when he somewhat jokingly wrote on Facebook that he was going to jump out of plane…

Within minutes, his Facebook friends and followers were asking details and offering encouragement…when, where, “go for it!” tell me all about it when you land, etc…

The challenge was made! How, he wondered, could he back down now?!

Something special happens when you make a public declaration of something you’re going to do. Your goal…that “thing” you are determined to do, or scared to do, but have an urge to do if for no other reason than to see if you can, can be safely tucked away in the dark corners of your soul, or you can announce it out loud and see where it takes you.

How about you? What’s your next goal? Right now, out loud for all of the world to hear (even if the only one present in the room is the dog), say it!

“I will ____________ (what) by ___________ (when).

Go ahead. I’ll wait….


See? Nothing bad happened, right?

Now, what do you have to do in order to make that happen?

And, even more important, how are you going to feel when you reach that goal?

You’re smiling right now, right?

For my friend, the next step was to make reservations with a skydiving company. He called me and said “I can’t believe what I got myself into!” He was wondering how he could back out. So, me being me, I said, “Want some company?”

And within 24 hours we were up in a plane high above the ground wearing bright blue jumpsuits with total strangers strapped to our backs, staring out an open airplane door.

How about you? Are you ready to jump and have the ride of your life?