The Health and Fitness industry is a Billion Dollar Industry. It’s full of people who give advice about how to be happy, healthy, skinny, sexy, perky and lots of other words that end with “y”.

A lot of the advice is useful and works. Some of it sort of plays to your fears and insecurities and seems hell-bent on getting you to open up your wallet and not much more.

Millions of photo-shopped red carpet pictures tempt you to believe you’re not good enough or pretty enough if you don’t look exactly like whoever is on the cover of the most popular magazines.


Now, I have nothing against these ladies. Some are actually naturally gorgeous and genetically blessed; others work their asses off (literally) to look that good…it’s their job. Just like a musician practices their instrument or an accountant educates themselves to stay sharp as they crunch the numbers, it takes dedication to be your best.

For many, looking that great takes the same sort of dedication of top professionals in other fields and I applaud that!

And, I do think it’s important for a woman to look and feel her best. To be beautiful!

It’s important for us to take the time to stay fit and healthy through good nutrition, cardio exercise and lifting weights. We have to take time to work on our outsides and our insides and do so unapologetically.

But the reason for doing these things has nothing to do with vanity or trying to impress some guy or trying to be the envy of other women.

The REAL reason it’s so important for a woman to be “beautiful” which, by the way, is a reflection of your health is this:

You cannot accomplish anything if you’re not fit and healthy.

So What is “Fit and Healthy?”

Face it. You’re a woman. That usually means somewhere under your business suit, yoga attire, jeans and sneakers, sweats, or evening gown, you have an “S” embroidered on your chest.

Supermom, Superwoman, SuperCEO, Super (you fill in the blank).

Yes, I’m a little biased here but I do believe we, as women, are capable of doing just about anything we set our minds to. That puts a lot of responsibility on us to be sure the things we do cause the least amount of harm and the most amount of good.

It means we can accomplish more of what matters when we are less concerned about what others are doing and more concerned about the good we are doing in our own little corner of the world. The families we are building, the people we are empowering, the businesses we are creating, the world we are improving…

It also means it’s our responsibility to stay healthy so we can accomplish everything we were put on this earth to accomplish.

But what is “healthy?”

Is it a certain jean size?

Is it a certain number of packs on your abs?

Is it measured by how many miles you can run?

Or is it measured by how well you follow the latest crazy diet?

Healthy is going to mean something different to everyone. It’s going to look different. I’ve seen people who weigh in “above average” who are healthier in terms of vitals than someone who weighs in at 110 pounds.

I don’t have all the answers, but I believe “healthy” has a lot to do with balance.



Think about this. I bet if you looked back on any point of your life when you were not healthy…maybe you were tired all the time, a little overweight, unhappy at home or at work, physically experiencing specific pains, or whatever…you would discover that some area of your life was out of balance.

Maybe you were spending too much time at work and not enough time with your family. Maybe you were doing too many volunteer and “mom” activities at the expense of your own health. Maybe you were overtraining, undereating, and not taking the necessary down time to nurture your soul

What was it for you?

You are the sum of many parts. When all those parts are working together, your body will naturally fall into balance and be healthy. And, here’s the really cool part – keeping your weight in check and actually feeling energized will become very easy when you achieve a healthy balance.

Now, by “balance” I don’t mean that you spend an equal amount of time in all areas of your life. That can be forced and unnatural. More likely, your sense of balance, and re-balancing, will fluctuate throughout your life…and that’s ok

So…take time to eat well, work out, and relax…no matter how crazy your schedule can be.

Yes, it’s that important.

There are lots of things you can do and foods you can eat to achieve health. I’ll share some of the things I’ve learned from time to time right here at Vitabella. And, I’ll share some stuff other strong and amazing women, just like you, have learned to keep themselves healthy.

This is your life. It’s important for you to take care of the vehicle that will carry you along. Remember, you can accomplish anything…even this!


Many busy people struggle every week to eat healthy. Rather than take a last minute run through the drive through, try to plan ahead, prepare ahead, and feed your body the kind of food that matches your goals and the life you really want to live – one that’s full of life and activity. Be sure the check out our meal plans, choose one and get started today. With the right tools, you’ll discover it’s easier than you ever imagined!