The alarm goes off, and we both know that in a few minutes we have to get up and get on with our day.

It’s comfortable, here in this space where we are wrapped up in each other, two pieces of the same puzzle. Even a little bit of morning breath cannot keep us from whispering words of affection, lightly caressing each other’s lips, playfully smiling at unspoken secrets, and softly laughing as the memory of last night’s love lingers in the air of our bedroom.

But we must move. The world awaits and is filled with important things we must do. Work, people, goals, dreams. Things we do mostly because they help up grow into who we are meant to be individually and as a couple.

And a few things which are unpleasant. Some linger as bad decisions trying to chain us to the past hoping to intrude into the life we built together. Craving to steal a masterpiece of love that has been fortified over decades.

They want our world; and agonize because it is not theirs to have.

Because our space is sacred. Untouchable. Unbreakable.

A language is spoken here only we understand. It’s our language…shared with no-one but each other. Because others are not welcome in this world…this space…this love. We share this only with each other. Full. Pure. And nobody has the power to destroy what lies in this space between us.

Because we are two pieces of the same puzzle.

And as we hold on to the last bit of our morning together, before the world awakes, obligations from the past slip away and are not even missed. Not even a memory.

Because in moments like this we understand in our deepest part of being that life is here. In this space. In this room. Here, tangled in each other where we feel most like ourselves. Most at home.

Most in love.

But now we get up, lace up our running shoes, and head out the door. But not before one last kiss, a lingering, and a knowing look that as the sun sets on this day we will meet again in our special place, our home, and wrap ourselves up in each other. Again.

Just the thought, the anticipation, brings a smile to our lips…