5 Protein Packed Peanut Butter Recipes

Nutty meals that look as delicious as they taste…healthy too!

During World War II it was called “Monkey Butter” and according to some reports, Americans spend over $800 million every year on the stuff. Peanut butter has been known to keep a dog busy for hours and got Mr. Ed talking in the famous blast from the past horse show. January 24th has been crowned “National Peanut Butter Day” and March 1st is National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, reserved for those who love the crunchy, creamy, smooth and nutty treat. But two days a year are not enough so grab a spoon and twist open a jar…you are about to be rewarded with these favorite Peanut Butter treats:

Where: Marie Dorfschmidt at The Rawberry

What: Fried Bananas on Peanut Butter Toast

Why: Blueberries too?! Yum!

“Fried Bananas on a PB toast! Every morning could start like that ?. Btw I made the Blueberry Chia Jam myself in just 5 minutes. Have you ever made your own? If not, check out the RECIPE below. Have a wonderful evening ?? big hugs, Marie ?”


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Where: Helen from The Planiful Chef

What: Chocolate Caramel Oats

Why: All your favorites on top of delicious oats

“?Chocolate caramel oats? with all the toppings ? the secret is in the milk for this. Milk recipe for this is ?? there’s also a peanut caramel ontop of these which just took them to the next level ??”

Where: Olivia Gallety of the Hungry Cook

What: Rice Crispy Treats for Kids at Heart

Why: Classic favorite just got an upgrade!

“Chewy and crispy peanut butter puffed rice base with a rich dark chocolate topping. A delicious and easy gluten free treat with very few ingredients and no bake time”

Where: Magda and her Oatmeal Stories

What: Matcha oats and peanut butter

Why: Start your day off green…with a hint of chocolate and peanut butter

“Another day, another oatmeal bowl ? It’s matcha oatmeal today, warm and so delicious with all the toppings, especially my home made peanut butter and melting chocolate ?”

Where: Ela Turkmen from Ela Vegan

What: Peanut Butter Noodles

Why: If you love peanut sauces and Thai cooking…this could be for you!

“Super creamy and rich peanut butter noodles anyone?! ? Made them for dinner yesterday and now I wish I had leftovers because it was so yummy! ?  The recipe is vegan, gluten-free (I used rice noodles), and can be made nut-free!”