For one month each year, thousands scramble to find the perfect costume, the best decorations, and a candy bag big enough for two laps around the neighborhood.

And then there are the parties…and the food.

Ranging from gruesome to whimsical to somewhere in between, you can line the table with treats to compliment your theme and colors.

I love purple. It can be elegant, regal and mysterious all at the same time. Like a woman who carries herself as if she possesses all the wisdom of the universe…a good witch, purple makes a statement.

Here are some purple Halloween ideas to spark your imagination and tempt your taste buds…

Purple Gnocchi

Picture is the brilliant work of Sonja Bradfield of Honest Cooking

Purple sweet potatoes are a delightful surprise! While they may not be carried at your local big-name grocery store, check out the local farmers market or a smaller, organic-based market. That’s where I found mine.

For the full recipe, I’ll direct you to Sonja Bradfield at Honest Cooking. As she says, getting your gnocchi perfect requires you to pay attention to the dough. Like goldilocks, not too light, not too heavy, but just right.

I learned my technique from relatives visiting from Italy. We gathered around the kitchen island…men and women alike, although the men were there mainly to supervise and tease and move our gnocchi from kitchen to dining room to dry, and quickly got into the rhythm of gnocchi rolling, cutting, and fork-forming.

Make an extra batch or two and freeze them in your desired portions. Do this by laying them flat on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and place in freezer. Once they are frozen, you can transfer them to a freezer-proof container or bag.

Here’s the link to the recipe:

Sweet Potato Cauliflower Soup

Picture comes from Family Spice website

Now that you found where to purchase those purple sweet potatoes, add in a little purple cauliflower and you have an eye pleasing, tummy warming, vitamin rich soup that can be frozen so why not make a double batch?

The recipe comes from Laura Bashar at Family Spice. I’ll let her tell you how to make this Fall soup. Keep your family talking, keep them on your toes, and leave them guessing what other fun meals are going to come out of your kitchen!

Get the recipe here:

Black Sangria

Photo is the result of creative talent by Sugar and Charm


Love me some deep red wine…anytime of the year!

But add in a little extra potion and you can mix up a Black Sangria just in time for your Halloween party. Hey…it’s fruit, full of antioxidants, so it’s good for you too…

I’ll let Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm give you the skinny on mixing up this delicious beverage. Click on over to

Witches Heart Halloween Cocktail

Photo was expertly designed and shot by Dini from The Flavor Bender

While we’re drinking…

Dini,the author and creator of this drink was inspired by the TV show, Once Upon a Time which is like Grimm’s Fairy Tales coming to life every week in your own home (and let’s not forget re-runs!)

You only need a few ingredients: Apple flavored vodka, grenadine, Purple Viniq, dry ice (optional) and a glass…martini glass, that is!

For the full directions, and some clever and tasty alternatives to the purple viniq, head over to The Flavor Bender here:

Grave-inspired Table-Scapes

Photo curated from at the link provided below

Outdoor eating, dirt close, near a graveyard. This may sound like a recipe for disaster until you see the elegant setting for the wedding shoot from Green Wedding Shoes.

Purple candles, maroon-hued spirits and hints of gold blend together and create the perfect Halloween setting all beneath aged tree branches which I’m sure have a story or two to tell, if you listen closely.

Find your inspiration here:

Table-Scapes: White Pumpkins, Purple Flowers and More

Photo as seen on

Whenever I see a beautiful setting like the one created in Style Me Pretty, I’m ready to plan my own party…even if it’s just an intimate affair with someone I love and a few friends.

The talented Canadian crew did an incredible job and gives al fresco a whole new look. Click through to see all the inspirational photos: