Garth. Brooks.

That’s really all I need to say about this weekend’s drive south to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.

Even though the state was revving up for pre-season presidential primaries and several debate opportunities were lined up by this year’s candidates, the real heart of the country packed the North Charleston Coliseum, united for their love of an Oklahoma boy and his decades of musical contributions and entertainment.

It was for the love of country…country music, that is!

Garth Brooks is a man whose music my husband and I grew up with. From our own little piece of country on our acreage in Northern California, we worked on building a full house, built our dreams like a river, and made more than a few friends in low places.

We’ve been aware of living in the moment because we never want to have regrets if tomorrow never comes, and just like many ordinary men (and women), we’ve closed our eyes to see the world the way it should be…the day when we all shall be free.

A night with Garth Brooks is like going to the bar and going to church, from the dance floor to the redemption altar, all within a couple of hours….with a drink in one hand, your best friend on your arm, and a smile on your face – the whole place sang and danced and jumped and shouted and celebrated for hours.

My voice is gone!

The entertainer was absolutely blown away by how many people in the audience knew every single word to even the old stuff. And, just when you thought the roar of the crowd could grow no louder…it did.

Some people wonder what the draw for country music is; they think of twang and mama and moonshine and prison when you talk country. And…that does have a lot of truth to it! But you cannot deny the music has soul, it talks it plain, and most can find something in the lyrics to relate to.

Eating in Charleston, South Carolina

The weekend was cold – the “polar vortex” was causing all sorts of excitement across the Northeastern part of the country. However, that didn’t deter folks…in fact it may have drawn them south and out into the crisp sunshine.

There are literally hundreds of restaurants in the downtown Charleston area. Lots to choose from; all looked good!

After the concert we headed downtown to grab some chicken and biscuits to take back to our place. The streets were hopping and even with a chill in the air, the atmosphere was warm and friendly everywhere.

It’s a southern thang!

We popped in Hot Little Biscuits and were lucky enough to score some fluffy biscuits fresh out of the oven. Now for me, the term “fluffy” when it came to biscuits never really meant much. The only biscuits I’ve been really familiar with are the “quick” kind that came from a box which my mom cooked up when I was little.

Those were far from fluffy.

But these…my oh my. A little piece of heaven. “Fluffy” is indeed the perfect word to describe these biscuits which are the dream child of entrepreneur, Carrie Morey, who honored her childhood memories, and her mom, by making these buttery delights.

The Charleston location is located in a thin little shop and you could miss it, so look for the “HLB” letters painted on the front. It’s located next to the Silver Dollar.

We stepped over there for a few minutes while our biscuits were cooking. The Kenny George Band was playing. This is a band to look for in the future. The guy at the door told me they are doing some recording. We weren’t at the bar for long…biscuits were waiting!…but they have a dance floor and a long bar with some room in the back. Sounds like it might be a party spot, but we were just there to enjoy the band for a few minutes.

Welcoming the Morning on Isle of Palms

The coastline in the south is easy to fall in love with and Isle of Palms didn’t disappoint. We found a VRBO home on the island to rent for the weekend. I woke up early Sunday morning for a quick walk on the beach (it was still cold) and a chance to welcome the day and give a moment of thanks and gratitude as the sun peaked over the ocean.

Isle of Palms, and neighboring Sullivan’s Island, seem to be a great vacation destination. Every convenience you would need is nearby and there are many restaurant choices, including what’s available in nearby Mount Pleasant.

We had an early dinner at Poe’s Tavern and enjoyed their burgers and fries. Simple and tasty. The staff was very friendly, as were our fellow diners. Everyone was enjoying the “warm” weather (it was just a tad under 40 degrees), relatively speaking. Although since the skies were clear and the sun was shining, we weren’t complaining so life was good!

There is so much more to see and do (and eat) in this area we plan to return and spend a little more time enjoying all the beauty and charm pouring from the heart and soul of Charleston, SC.

When You Go:
Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit
476 ½ King Street
Charleston, SC
*the are open late Friday and Saturday nights!

Poe’s Tavern
2210 Middle Street
Sullivan’s Island, SC  29482

Take a Listen:
Kenny George Band

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