The spa. Relaxation. Taking to the waters. Healing – mind, body and soul.

No matter what your excuse is for time at the spa, most would agree they leave with feelings of rejuvenation. We feel “healed.” Whatever ails us magically melts away with each breath, each sound, and each aroma that greets you the moment you walk through the doors.

Some say the healing properties are all in the mind and have very little to do with the waters or mud or other treatments provided at the spa. This may be true; however, is there anything wrong with feeling better, experiencing a sense of health and well-being, as the result of your visit to the spa?

Maybe the rich minerals found in the water or the soil used during treatments does, in fact, replenish your body with what daily worries and toxins in the environment have taken away.

Or maybe, we just need to set an appointment with ourselves and release our care to skilled hands.

Volcanic Ash: Life in the Path of Destruction

There is nothing so prominent in the landscape of Napoli as that mound of volcanic rock which rises above the bay, ominously standing over the shores of Napoli. Most think of destruction when they think of volcanoes. And as it erupts there is much destruction to every unfortunate living thing in its path.

Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii tell a tale of death. However, in modern times, at the base of this volcano, you will discover the story of life and rejuvenation. The soils of this Italian country have been enriched by the minerals and ash that spewed forth from the mouth of the volcano. From that soil grows the most beautiful and delicious foods which then nourish the body from the inside out.

It is the same sort of mineral-rich, life-building, volcanic ash many spas use for their therapeutic mud baths.

The fango (mud) natrium powder bath is made from a mineral-rich volcanic ash extract. This ancient beauty ritual is a favorite among European spa goers. It’s believed to be effective for removing impurities and smoothing the texture of the skin so it can readily absorb moisture and minerals.

In the states, you can enjoy this treatment in Calistoga, California. You may also find volcanic mud masks to apply at home from ingredients found in fine stores and online.

Our skin is our largest organ. Just like your heart, lungs, brain, and liver, your skin must be cared for. We must feed it nutritious foods, inside and outside. It’s a wonderfully delicious indulgence…

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