Whiskey aficionados, brace yourselves for an evening that promises to tantalize the taste buds and ignite the senses. In the heart of Texas, where the spirit of sportsmanship blends with the essence of craftsmanship, Texas Sports Hall of Fame unveils its first-ever Legends of Texas Whiskey Festival.

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Learn first-hand how Texas whiskey is made and how experts taste and judge these legendary spirits.

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About the Texas Whiskey Festival

As reported in a recent release:

The Texas Sports Hall of Fame will host its first-ever Legends of Texas Whiskey Festival, featuring more than a dozen premier distillers pouring their exclusive blends. More than 350 expected guests will indulge in the best Texas-born whiskeys the state has to offer while in the company of Texas’ sports greats. It’s the perfect blend of legends and legendary spirits at America’s first state sports hall of fame.

Learn first-hand how Texas whiskey is made and how experts taste and judge these legendary spirits. Whiskey connoisseurs and sports fans are invited for an unforgettable evening that includes exclusive tastings, masterclass sip sessions, a cigar lounge, and the chance to meet some TSHOF inductees and the masterminds behind the best Texas whiskeys.

When is the Texas Whiskey Festival:

The festival will take place on Saturday, February 17 from 7 p.m.- 10 p.m. at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Museum.

VIP ticket holders will have early access to the event with doors opening at 6 p.m. and the opportunity to exclusive limited-edition tastings and educational sip sessions.

General admission tickets cost $125 and VIP tickets are $175. Both are available in limited quantities and can be purchased online. Attendees must be 21 or older.


There will be nearly 20 Texas-based distillers represented with more than 40 whiskeys available for sampling.

Attendees can indulge in gourmet hors d’oeuvres, sample Texas-made cigars from Honeycomb Cigars in an outdoor cigar lounge, and enjoy live jazz performed by Waco acoustic guitarist Jon Fox. Attendees will have a chance to win a collection of Texas whiskeys from participating distillers, one of the many prizes available at the inaugural celebration.

The dress code for the event is business casual.


Featured Distillers at Texas Whiskey Festival

3 bottles of austin craft whiskey for texas whiskey festival

Austin Craft Spirits is one of the distillers at the Texas Whiskey Festival. You’ll learn how many whiskey producers strive for sustainable practices. For examples, the Texas grown barley malted in Fort Worth used in Austin Craft spirits.

texas whisky festival

Fierce Whiskers Distillery

At Fierce Whiskers Distillery, whiskey integrity is the top priority, reflected in transparent production, sustainable practices, and unwavering authenticity. Proudly employing an all-in-house process, their state-of-the-art facility boasts a Vendome copper pot still and innovative features like wind-catching louvers. Community-focused, they prioritize local sourcing, waste reduction, and energy efficiency, embodying a commitment to quality and sustainability. Be sure to visit them at the Texas whiskey festival.


Austin Craft Spirits Co.

Austin Craft Spirits has a series of numbered whiskeys. Austin 101 Light Whiskey epitomizes a passion for crafting exceptional spirits. Inspired by French Eau-de Vie methods, Texas grains are distilled into a subtly oaked spirit. Bursting with caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla notes, it offers a smooth yet punchy character with a lingering finish. Locally sourced non-GMO corn, Texas wheat, and Texas grown barley malted in Fort Worth (aka Texas Malted Barley), form its foundation, tipping their hat to Texas terroir. The precision steam distillation method, coupled with sustainable oak barrel finishing, ensures a unique flavor profile that stands apart. You will enjoy a taste of Texas with their award-winning whiskey.


devils river whiskey festival in texas

Devils River Whiskey

Devils River Whiskey boasts a rich heritage rooted in the untamed beauty of its namesake, the Devils River. Renowned Texas Ranger John Coffee Hays christened this mighty waterway in 1840, recognizing its raw power and purity. Fed by limestone-filtered springs, its iron-free, sweet water serves as the lifeblood of their Sinfully Smooth Whiskey. You will capture the essence of Texas in every sip. They honor Hay’s legacy by crafting exceptional spirits that embody the thrill of exploration and the pursuit of excellence. You’ll feel good as you raise a glass to Devils River Whiskey, made from the purest water found in Texas..


1845 Distilling Company

Nestled in Lowry Crossing, Texas, 1845 Distilling Company is a testament to Texan resilience and heritage. Named after the final year of the Republic of Texas, our family-owned distillery honors the pioneers who forged a new frontier. From the historic land granted in 1845 to the present day, their bourbon pays homage to a bygone era while celebrating the timeless spirit of Texas. Tasting their bourbon is like traveling through history.


texas whiskey event photo of glass of whiskey and limes

Acre Distilling Co

Step into the captivating world of Acre Distilling Co. If you love the wild west, you’ll find that this is where history intertwines with exceptional spirits. Located in Fort Worth’s infamous Hell’s Half Acre, once trodden by Wild West legends, the distillery channels the renegade Texan spirit. You’ll taste it in their award-winning whiskeys. Join a Tour + Tasting event to sample their finest whiskeys while diving deep into the area’s colorful history. Upstairs, the Hell’s Half Acre Bar is not to miss. With a commitment to quality, local sourcing, and passionate craftsmanship, Acre Distilling tempts you to experience spirits with a story.


Milam & Greene

At Milam & Greene, passion meets expertise in every bottle of their award-winning American whiskey. Founded by Marsha Milam, whiskey aficionado Heather Greene, and Master Distiller Marlene Holmes, the Texas Hill Country distillery boasts over half a century of combined experience. They believe the Texas heat and wild temperature swings infuse their spirits with unparalleled character. They source the finest grains from across America and employ innovative techniques, including a proprietary yeast recipe and dual distillation methods. With each sip, you’ll experience the marriage of tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship that defines Milam & Greene whiskey. Find our more at the Texas whiskey festival.


texas whiskey event photo of glass of whiskey and limes

Lockwood Distilling Company

Good vibes, great food, and handcrafted spirits are ready for guests at Lockwood Distilling Company! You can describe their distillery as cozy, where fun cocktails and delicious bites are served up to our friendly patrons. Whether you’re lounging on our outdoor patio or snagging a table inside, you’re in for a treat. Listen to local musicians and check their calendar for exciting events like pop-ups and chef dinners. Need a chill lunch spot? Look no further! Enjoy a laid-back experience with local flair and community love.


Wilson Valley Mercantile

Wilson Valley Mercantile, WVM, is Bell County’s pioneer in legal distillation. Since 1866, their family has been rooted in the land, farming and ranching with passion. Now, in 2022, they’ve opened their doors so you can enjoy a distictive farm-to-glass journey. Experience the essence of their operation as a farm distillery, where they grow the grain for the spirits they create. From “seed to sip,” they are committed to quality and sustainability. And if you’re looking for something to go with your whiskey, don’t forget to take home some locally raised beef from their tasting room. A true taste of Texas can be found here.


texas whiskey event photo of glass of whiskey and limes

William Price Distilling

In their own words, William Price Distilling, is not reinventing distilling—they’re doing it their own way. And doing life in its own way is what the distillery’s namesake, William Price Clary, lived. He embodied the spirit of Texas—a true patriot with a colorful past. From ferry owner to wrestling enthusiast, his legacy inspires them to create exceptional products true to their proud Texas heritage. William Price Distilling was founded by Zack and Bryan, multi-generational Texans with a passion for crafting authentic spirits for the modern Texan. They are not another cowboy distillery. Instead, they see themselves as a lifestyle brand celebrating Metropolitan Texas culture. Check them out, one sip at a time.


Texas Tail Distillery

Texas Tail Distillery’s tale began in 2007 at a backwoods field party in North Texas. Two men bonded over their love for good spirits and the great outdoors. They soon realized that their adventures tasted better with hand-crafted Texas products. From chasing Whitetail on deer season’s opening day to following birds out on the bay, they knew they wanted to create something uniquely Texan. Combining their expertise in brewing and party-hosting, they set out to craft the finest spirits in Texas. Today, Texas Tail Distillery is committed to using locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring each batch maintains high standards. Taste for yourselves.


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Balcones Distilling

In 2008, Balcones Distilling embarked on a quest for originality and authenticity in the Heart of Texas. Their journey began from humble beginnings in a Waco welding shop under a bridge. With determination and grit, they transformed the space into a whisky distillery. Embracing the mantra of “grain to glass,” they source ingredients, from New Mexico blue corn to Texas-grown malted barley, ensuring each sip embodies the essence of their raw materials. They believe in preserving the rich flavors of our ingredients, crafting each spirit as a decadent expression of its origin.


Ironroot Republic Distilling

In 2011, the Likarish brothers embarked on a bold venture. Robert, nearing the end of his law studies, and Jonathan, a biomedical engineer, tossed aside convention to pursue distilling. After apprenticing across the nation, they chose Denison, TX, to establish their roots. The name Ironroot honors Denison native, T.V. Munson, whose resilient roots saved French viticulture. Embracing French techniques adapted to Texas’s climate, Ironroot Distillery opened in 2014 to local acclaim. Enter Marcia, the Mother of Texas Whiskey, who joined to manage both business and brothers. Using locally sourced heirloom corn, they mash, ferment, distill, and age their spirits on-site, capturing north Texas’s authentic flavor.


whiskey glass in front with cowboy hat and chopped wood in background texas whiskey festival

Old Humble Distilling

Old Humble Distilling Company is where whiskey meets good times in Humble, Texas! Known locally as the official whiskey of campfires, cookouts, and great tales with friends. Swing by their distillery and tasting room which is certain to be the best in Texas. Sip their award-winning whiskeys, savor a cocktail, and listen to live music on their charming front porch. Everyone is welcome, including kids and pets! Founded on a mission to craft the finest whiskey, by their own admission, they break rules, delve deep, and add their own twist, honoring tradition with every sip. The perfect space to enjoy great whiskey, and even greater friends.


What Else Should You Know About the Texas Whiskey Festival?

Attendees can indulge in gourmet hors d’oeuvres, sample Texas-made cigars from Honeycomb Cigars in an outdoor cigar lounge, and enjoy live jazz performed by Waco acoustic guitarist Jon Fox. Attendees will have a chance to win a collection of Texas whiskeys from participating distillers, one of the many prizes available at the inaugural celebration.

The dress code for the event is business casual.

What’s next?

Get your tickets, make your travel arrangement, and mark your calendars for Saturday, February 17th, as the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Museum plays host to this epicurean extravaganza.

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