Have you ever noticed that just because you’ve lived in a place all of your life, you don’t always see the wonders that surround you?

It took moving away from home to discover the treasures from my backyard…

Growing up, my family never owned a car which limited how far we could go. When I was old enough to drive, a depth-perception impairment made driving difficult so once again, my thirst to explore my own home was delayed.

Delayed…not stopped.

It took moving away from home to find a fellow Islander who soon became my carpool buddy and adventurer as we explored the roads leading home…and ultimately our home roads and scenic sites as well.

A personal favorite is a roughly three-and-a-half-hour Tip-to-Tip Island Adventure. The scenery is worth the drive; the stops along the way give you a closer look at what makes Prince Edward Island so special.


Your Tip-to-Tip Island Adventure:

The lighthouse is the beginning and end of your journey…

You can start at either the East Point Lighthouse or the North Point Lightstation. You get a ribbon from the gift shop at your starting location, which you will present to the gift shop at the opposite point to receive your Tip-to-Tip Certificate.

Note: The lighthouse at the northern tip is inaccessible due to a power company in the area blocking it, but the East Point Lighthouse is open to visitors. Climbing to the top offers a fantastic view of the coastline, with photos and plaques detailing the history of the lighthouse along the way.


The Butterfly House

Small tables are set with tea cups and orange slices…

Part of the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company, this little oasis can be found in quaint New Glasgow. It is exactly what it sounds like: A single-room house holding dozens upon dozens of butterflies. They flutter freely through the space, surrounded by flowers to feed from and small tables set with teacups and orange slices. Visitors can use the fruit to attract the butterflies, creating opportunities for truly excellent photos. As an added bonus, the entry fee ($8.50CAD per person) is donated to rain forest preservation.


Art in the Open

Art in all forms…

Since 2011, Charlottetown has hosted an outdoor art event near the end of August every year. Installations and performances are scattered throughout downtown, featuring the thought-provoking, bizarre, and beautiful works of local artists. A personal favorite is the March of the Crows, which involves a huge group of people dressed in personalized crow costumes walking from the Confederation Centre of the Arts to Victoria Park, making such an intense raucous along the way that sometimes, actual crows join in and follow them to their final perch.


Greenwich National Park

The nature preserve offers a glimpse of the beauty of Prince Edward Island…

Located in the St. Peter’s area, Greenwich is a beautiful natural preserve hosting many of the Island’s species, from foxes to herons, which can occasionally be spotted along the walking trails. The terrain is diverse, with paths cutting through meadows, woods, over water, and finally over the shifting sand dunes to a beautiful white sand beach.


Island Hill Farms

Island farm life on Prince Edward Island…

This adorable farm in Hampshire offers visitors a chance to play with goats, bunnies, chickens, and alpacas. The animals are well socialized and more than comfortable being petted, cuddled, and participating in selfies. Kidding season is an ideal time to visit, because it’s when visitors have the best chance to hold a baby goat. The admission fee is small: $6CAD plus tax for children ages three to ten, and $8CAD plus tax for anyone age eleven and up.

Prince Edward Island is full of beautiful sites and has a fantastic arts and culture scene. This list barely scratches the surface. When you choose to make the trip to my home, you’re sure to find something you’ll love!

When You Go:

The Butterfly House
2841 New Glasgow Road
New Glasgow, PECanada C0A 1N0

Greenwich National Park
59 Wild Rose Rd, off Rte 313
St. Peters Area

Island Hill Farms