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I’m Dawn Damico, an independent travel writer, photographer, content marketing strategist, and editor of Vitabella Magazine.

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  3. You are looking for a travel writer, content creator and strategist, to help you amplify your destination, event, or brand.

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I Inspire Experienced Travelers with Cash to Spend

You might think of me as part of the “lost” Generation X, but those of us who wander are definitely not lost – we’re seasoned travelers with money to spend. With words, photos, and video, I┬átell stories your ideal client will find helpful and entertaining. I strive to answer their questions and inspire them to travel.

Because I straddle Gen X and Boomer generations, I get to pick the best from both worlds. I understand these generations, and studies show the even though Gen Xers like me stay out of the spotlight, we have impressive buying power and financial freedom right now. In fact, 68% of us are the chief shoppers when it comes to travel, spending an average of $627 per day on our adventures.

Sounds like an enticing market, doesn’t it?

What motivates our travel styles? Much like Boomers, Gen Xers crave quality time with loved ones, opportunities to relax and recharge, and an escape from the daily grind. But we also have an insatiable appetite for active, experiential, historical, and culinary adventures that allow us to truly soak up a destination.

I understand that for Gen X and Boomers, travel is about more than just sightseeing – it’s about making priceless memories.

No matter the occasion – bucket list trips, family vacations, romantic getaways, or solo explorations – I tap into the motivations of a generation that is hungry to travel. I know they want to experience new cultures, make wonderful memories, and share those experiences widely.

In this era of experience over material goods, 74% of Americans prioritize travel and adventures above all else. Nearly 60% are squirreling away funds specifically for their wanderlust.

The world is our canvas, and we’re ready to paint it with inspiration for living life to the fullest. All you need to do is craft experiences vibrant enough to capture our imagination – and our dollars. That’s what I do and I look forward to learning more about your destination, travel experience, event, and brand to see if we are the right fit!

Some of the ways we can work together is through articles I write for this site as well as other online and print magazine, UGC assets for you to use, event coverage, and photos.

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