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  • Food includes: Recipes and entertainment ideas, how-to’s and planning
  • Health includes: Exercise, nutrition, total wellbeing, family, marriage, relationship, and alternative health topics. In other words…anything which helps us live a full, balanced, healthy life! (please cite any sources when you are making medical-type claims so we can verify them)
  • Travel includes: Travel stories and memoirs, travel destinations, and reviews of activities, restaurants, and travel related advice. Ask yourself: If I were going [here] or doing [this] I would want to know about [subject].
  • Writing must be high quality, well researched, and edited. We reserve the right to edit material you submit based on our editorial calendar or space available. You will be notified of any changes before they are published.
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  • Feature-type articles should range from 700-1200 words (unless there’s a compelling reason for a longer piece). Shorter articles (250-plus words or longer) are also accepted for consideration.
  • For Guest Articles: While not all articles qualify as paid content, guest articles are encouraged and accepted. When your guest article is accepted for our publication, we ask that you avoid publishing it anywhere else online or in print for at least 6 months from our date of publication. We will let you know in advance when your article will be published so you can plan accordingly. Guest authors retain copyright of the original article and grant Vitabella exclusive use of the article for 6 months from date of acceptance.
  • For Paid Articles: We do our best to pay experts and excellent authors for their work. Once published, Vitabella Enterprises retains First Rights and the author retains the copyrights. The piece cannot be republished (in print or online, in whole, part, or altered form) without written permission and no earlier than 12 months from the date your article is published by Vitabella Enterprises, Inc.. In submitting work to Vitabella for publication consideration, the author/submitter declares the work is original and has not been published, nor is it currently under consideration for publication elsewhere in print or online. The author also gives permission and authorization to use the work in derivative work. No additional compensation will be paid to the author if the article is re-published by Vitabella in any form, including inclusion in books or other content. In all cases of re-publishing, the author will be acknowledged for their information.
  • ==>As of the date of this writing (1/14/18) Vitabella has updated their payment policies. We are grateful for the influx of quality submissions and are committed to supporting you in your writer’s journey.  Because of that, we are adding a 2nd tier of paid opportunities. This new policy will allow us to pay more authors.
  • Tier 1 Articles: Minimum $50
  • Tier 2 Articles: Minimum $10
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